Azusa High School Class of 1979

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Two Tickets to Paradise

Aztec Warrior
John Lara

Home Coming Queen: Dee Dee Ayon 

In the Year 1979 ~ (from

The first commercial network of cellular telephones is set up in Tokyo, Japan.

Sony Corporation introduces the Walkman

The nuclear reactor at Unit 2 of Three Mile Island loses its water buffer and undergoes a partial meltdown through operator error on March 28

In June the Apple II Plus is introduced. It has BASIC built into the read-only memory (ROM) instead of supplied on a separate cassette tape.

Skylab, an early U.S. space station that had been abandoned, falls into the atmosphere as a result of an intense solar wind caused by increased sunspot activity

The Susan B. Anthony one-dollar coin is introduced in the US.


Our Reunion Committee:

Kathleen (Bowman) Johnson
Troy (Pounds) Miller
DeeDee (Ayon) Garza


  • 10
  • 20
  • 25 Year ~ Saturday August 28th, 2004
  • 30



Our 25 Year Reunion was held @

Azusa Greens Country Club
919 W Sierra Madre Ave, Azusa, CA


If you have photos to post you can upload them onto and email me a link.

tetontrekker (at) bresnan (dot) net

Or you can put them all on a CD and send them to me at:

Julie Wilson
PO Box 9397
Jackson, Wy 83002

Please label the CD with your name and the event.

We had 15 disposable cameras on the tables, these are the pictures you took. I was dissapointed with Photoworks so I moved them to

If you're an existing Ofoto or Kodak Gallery member you'll be asked to sign in. If not, you can join for free.

Photos by the Volcano

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Mixed Shots

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Other photos:
From Julie

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Thanks everyone for writing in my book, these are some of the answers people wrote to my questions...

Who are you with

Hair Color etc:

Additional Information or Comments:

See you at the 30 year reunion!!

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