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An all alumni picnic

Coordinators Tracy Mayfield-Brenner Class of '74 & Julie Krejci - Wilson '79 lose consciousness after the 2003 Food Crawl with visions of future Food Crawls dancing in their heads.

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This is a yearly event held every summer at Pioneer Park in Azusa started by Alumni on the Internet. Named after a "Pub Crawl" we all bring our favorite food (like In-n-Out) and show up for fun visit. Just bring your year book, a chair, and something to eat & drink. All Azusa Alumni and their families are welcome! Bring your own goodies to eat & some to share! Lots to do, eat, talk, eat, let the kids play, eat, look over old yearbooks, eat, Frisbees, eat, take pictures, oh, and did I mention eat?

This is what you do! You come to Azusa, you find Pioneer Park, it's located on the corner of Sierra Madre and Dalton St. in Azusa. One block east of Azusa Ave. at the top before it goes up into the canyon.

But, before you get there, you stop and get some Carmens, or some La Tolteca, or In-N-Out! And you only buy for yourself and those who are with you, then you bring it to the park along with your blanket or chairs for sitting and visiting. Eat your food, visit with old friends and new, and have a great day!

Be sure to bring your
camera & year books!

Have Food Crawl photos (prints or a CD)? You may send them to Julie if you would like to see them posted here.

Julie Wilson
PO Box 9397
Jackson, Wy 83002

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From our Message Board:

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2004 Sunday August 29th 2004 Photo Album - photos at
2005 Saturday, July 23rd No photos - sorry (I wasn't there)
2006 not set  

Here are directions to Pioneer Park! From the 210(Foothill)Fwy, exit Azusa Avenue going north towards the mountains. Travel approx. 1 1/2 miles north to Sierra Madre (last east/west street before you go up the canyon), turn right(East) at Sierra Madre and go approx. 1/8 of a mi. (one block). Pioneer park is located at the corner of Sierra Madre and Dalton in the wonderful city of Azusa!!!!! You can't miss it, it has huge eucalyptus trees!! The sign out on the corner of the park does not say Pioneer, it is a woman's name, Susan somebody----NOooooo!! It is Laura B. Jones, PIONEER PARK!!

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