These memories were from Alumni on our message board in 2003

Azusa High School & Azusa Avenue without the purple lamp post!
Basketball. The Azusa and Glendora games.. . Aguire being scouted be the pro's. Band & all the sweepstakes trophys.
the Cliffhouse, Clove cigarettes, chemistry class (Mr. Ernst was the best!)
Cheerleading at football games, and basketball games!! A very fun time to be leading all the crowd in the stands for our team! Especially when our 1973 basketball team went all the way to the final play off for CIF!! Choir!!! Choir was so fun! Mr. Bonner was a great teacher!! He made us all laugh! And then Mr. Wilson!! I remember our Aztec singer party at his house!! What a blast! Then the night we tp-ed his house! RIGHT ON LEROY!!! If you were in Aztec Singers in 1974 you will know this phrase! Cruising around town with my friends--in the fog, not being able to see out the windows it was so foggy, so we hung our heads out so we could see the road.
Last but not least---CINDY BRUDER!!!!! Whoa Bruder!!!! Alot of you guys out there remember Cindy!
For all those Days of Ditching class! OOOPs! Well, you know all about me then!  
for eating breakfast before going to class at Sambos and then eating lunch at Jack-In-The-Box when it was on citrus.  

How about FRIENDS, New and Old.

The Freeways!

Gladstone, the rival HS in Azusa. All the jokes about Happy Rock!
Golden Day's Parade; marching in it in Jr. High & watching it all those other years!
GMR (is that in Azusa?)
Homecoming game/dance, heatwaves (and the smog alerts that went with them!)

The sports Invitationals! That Italian restaurant...what was it called??

In 'N Out

The jock bench (it was co-ed by the time I was there!)
Jack In The Box
Keggers! Mr Kimes!
Ok KK, I just have to add to your "K" memory...Kevin Murphy...OMG whatta hunk!! :} ~ (submitted by Shari)
"K" For Karen of course! Kanini too! KLOS! KMET!Mr Kimes!Kevin Aggen!The Kings ! The Khoury's!The Kuns!Lots of "k" to remember

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"Lampost Pizza"....had to cruise it on a Friday night...


Mountains covered with smog.
Marching Proudly Forward
Green M & M's (was that just an Azusa thing? :))
Mr. Mullens, one of the best teachers at AHS!
The Murals
Marie Calenders pies

Nancy Snyder- the best volleyball coach! Nick (& Irma)- the narcs  
Russ Osmonson, of course! Hey Russ, didn't know you were that popular, did ya?! (submitted by ?????)  
Pep rallies! Pep Squad! Mrs. Paschal, Math Teacher! Mr. Possley, English Teacher! Pioneer Chicken, Yearbook Sponsor! Palafox Bakery!! The Pool !! And I guess the Prom at Ports "O" Call!
Quintana, Augie- ASB President 1972-73.

Queens - As in Homecoming:
Diana Murray 1971
Mary Ann Romano 1972
Mary Helen Valenquela 1973
Terri Jones 1974

Rallies! no Road Rage! :) Running around w/ friends! :)
The "Rockvale Rats"
Streaking! Any of you out there "been there, done that?"
When: approx. '76, league bowling? night.
Where: Azusa Lanes
Why: It was "IN" - dared
With: Other knuckleheads
Typing, I liked Mr. Chimes!
Time to do your homework!
Tortillas from La Tolteca!
U for Uniforms. When I played Freshman basket ball (1978) we got hand me downs from the beautiful early 70's. They were a powder blue, really pretty and the tops or whatever you want to call them were supposed to be layered instead of tucked in. SO here I was with a jersey top on my 5'6" frame that went almost down to my knees.
Also in the uniform section was our rough tough football team in all black that won maybe two games in my four years. They looked good though. U is also for unicorn. Does anyone remember the unicorn sitckers that it seemed everyone had in the back window of their cars? U is also for URGE. The in-n-Out urge. I got my urge satisfied a couple of weeks ago and man are those burgers GREAT! U is also for woodshop. Think about it....
Winning the game than going to Aldolino's afterwords  
X Marks the spot for anyone who actually did make woopie on the 50 yard line at school (Not the ones that said they did).  
Yearbooks and getting as many signatures as possable that last day..... Then reading them 20 years later
For anyone who ever caught some "z"s while watching those hygene films in the gym.