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Are you or do you know an Aztec that has something to brag about? E-mail me with the details you want posted with any links and a picture you want to share. I will add it to the page as soon as I can.
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1984 Olympics

I would like to brag on my best friend during elementary school and junior high, Ruth Kleinsassar-Wysocki. As I sit here watching the 2000 Olympics, I am reminded that Ruth was in the 1984 Olympics at the colosseum in Los Angeles! She and Mary Decker-Slaney (sp?) were rivals throughout their running careers. They both started running as children, and competed against each other as they grew up. I am most proud of Ruth because her running never went to her head, even though she has been a national figure in the sport of track. When she ran her qualifying race for the 1500 or was it the 800 meters (?) she beat Mary Decker, which was a goal of her life. I am proud to say that Ruth not only represented the USA in the Olympics, she represented all of us from Azusa High. May we all remember where we started out our adult lives, and that is was a pretty great place to start, and that we can all accomplish great things if we put our minds to it!!!

- Tracy Mayfield 1974




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Umf-tronic is an electronic synth pop band based in Orange County California and is comprised of AUDREI GLEESON on lead vocals and AZUSA HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI JOHN RODRIGUEZ a.k.a. JOHN CLARKE (class of 83) on keyboards and programming. We are insprired by many of the 80's bands like DEPECHE MODE, THE CURE, KRAFTWERK and THE HUMAN LEAGUE. You can see our pics and download our music for FREE at our website We are also planning a small club tour that hopefully will start by mid-August in Orange County and end in Hollywood. -John Rodriguez (class of 1983)

Gabriel Santana Falcon '80

"Storm" At Mandalay Bay

Gabe is a percussionist in the show Storm at Mandalay Bay, and boy is the show Hot-Hot-Hot, a definite must see if you are going to Las Vegas. Not only is he a drummer in the band he has a drum solo up on stage in which his personality and talent stands out. A note for all you female classmates of Gabe's..... you are going to wish you dated him in High School. Please click here for Gabe's Web Site

From "Bandleader Jerry Lopez keeps the fire burning in “STORM” that brings all the forces of nature together to blow the audience away. “Hands down Gabe is the best percussionist with the best personality, he’ll work as long as it takes and get the job done.”

Ross Mayfield '7?

On the Cover of the Sun

Okay!!!!!!!!! So, I'm a little proud of my big brother! He's been
drawing long enough, he deserves this!

Tracy Mayfield-Brenner '74

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