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Year Book Project
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I am looking for people to take the time to scan their yearbook Senior pages for this web site. If you are interested please read on...

A good sample of scanned year book pages is at Arcadiaapaches.com this man scanned all the year books himself so they would be uniform. I don't have that amount of spare time so I am asking for help.

Since I hope to have several people helping me with this I set some standard sizes so the site year book pages will look the same. Please review the following and send me an e-mail julie@azusaalumni.com with the year you intend on scanning and a 150 pixel x 200 pixel scan of the front of the book. I will add the cover to the list and put your name by it so I don't have 2 people working on the same year.

Book Cover Standards:

Scanned Page Standards:

Burn the yearbook images and cover onto a CD, 1 year per CD. Write on the CD 'AHS', the year, Your name (including maiden) and class, and date scanned. Mail the CD or CDs to:

Julie Wilson
PO Box 9397
Jackson, Wy 83002

Do not email me the year book unless you intend for me to keep it :)

Removing the Moiré Pattern or 'Descreen'

Yearbooks are printed using a method called half toning. Pages are printed as a series of overlapping dots that fool the eyes into seeing more colors than are actually there. Because of the overlapping dots, pages scanned from your book will display a Moiré pattern. Descreen allows you to remove the moiré pattern. Check your scanning program to see if it has Remove Moiré or Descreen. If it does not please e-mail me.

Moiré pattern

Stretched image

Resizing to 800 pixels wide (150w x 200h for the cover)

Please do not stretch the image, it will come out distorted. (left)

Instead use a combination of of the resize tool (checking the box that keeps everything proportionate if you program has one), the crop tool, and the canvas size tool.

Blowing up a smaller image could also cause some distortion, try starting with something larger than what you want then work your way down.

Compressing to reduce KBs

Compressing too much can cause distortion (right). Compress the image but not so much as to loose the quality. Practice and you will find the right percentage.

This sample is also crooked, please be careful to get a straight scan.

I worked on one page until I had the right look. Please only scan one page and work on it then email me a copy. I need to be sure the page is uniform with the others.

Thanks in advance.

Too Much compression
Click for larger image

Updated: January 4, 2003